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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Keeping up the appearance of your commercial carpet is important to your customers and employees.

Having sparkling clean carpets not only makes a great first impression for your clients but shows your staff that you care about their work environment.

Commercial carpet collects everything that is tracked in from the street as well as all the spills that occur, not to mention all the dust, dust mites, germs and bacteria. This affects the air you breathe. Did you know that outdoor air is cleaner than indoor air? Regular cleaning of you carpets actually keeps the air you breathe cleaner and healthier.

Complete Carpet Care has been Commercial carpet cleaning in the Greater Seattle area for nearly 20 years. We clean medical and dental offices, car dealerships, large and small office spaces, schools, retail stores, churches, condominium common areas and more.

Some benefits of our Very Low Moisture commercial carpet cleaning:

  1. Nothing cleans up commercial carpet more beautifully
  2. Carpets dry in less than 2 hours
  3. No harsh chemicals used, our process uses 99% biodegradable cleaners
  4. Environmentally friendly as we use only about 4 gallons of water to clean 1000 sq. ft. of carpet (vs. 100 gallons per 1000 sq. ft. for steam cleaning)
  5. Secure, as there are no hoses to run so doors can stay locked after hours.
  6. Unlike “steam cleaning” no reappearing spots and stains or traffic lanes
  7. Super quiet so clients and staff are undisturbed if done during business hours
  8. Process recommended by the largest carpet manufacturers

While we would welcome the opportunity to clean your commercial carpets one time, to keep them clean and maintain their appearance, a regular maintenance program is best. If you own the carpet you’ll want to protect your investment, and regular cleaning will double the life of your commercial carpet.

Depending on your business, whether it’s an office space or retail space the frequency of cleaning will vary. After a thorough Carpet Analysis we will propose several options for maintaining your carpets with either monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or semiannual cleaning of all or portions of the carpet.

Once we have an agreement, our Stay Beautiful program will keep your carpets seamlessly clean. You’ll never have to think about it again, you’ll just have clean carpet…. all the time.

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“I have had the opportunity to use three different carpet cleaning companies in the last 6 years. I thought I was satisfied until Jonathan Akers from Complete Carpet Care cleaned our carpets. Not only was his service superior, but he was able to clean our carpets in such a way that they look brand new. I’m thrilled with the results!”

Stephanie - Redmond

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