As a carpet cleaning professional for for 37 years now I’ve heard many carpet cleaning myths.  I’d like to address and debunk some of the most common misconceptions and myths surrounding carpet cleaning. It’s important to have accurate information to make informed decisions about carpet care. Let’s clarify these myths:

Myth 1: “I should wait as long as possible before getting my carpets professionally cleaned.” Debunked: Waiting too long between professional cleanings can actually lead to more dirt, dust, and allergens accumulating in your carpets. Regular professional cleaning helps maintain the carpet’s appearance, prolong its lifespan, and create a healthier indoor environment. Additionally, the longer you wait between cleaning the more the soil grinds into the pores of the carpet fibers causing those permanent dark traffic lanes.

Myth 2: “Carpet cleaning will make my carpets get dirty faster.” Debunked: This myth may have originated from improper cleaning techniques or using low-quality cleaning solutions. When done correctly, professional carpet cleaning methods do not cause rapid re-soiling. High-quality equipment and appropriate cleaning agents, combined with proper drying techniques, leave no residues behind that attract dirt. Professional cleaners know how to achieve a thorough clean without causing re-soiling. Years ago this was a common problem when carpets were being shampooed with a soapy solution, the soap residue would attract sol causing the carpets to re-soil faster. It’s not really an issue with professional cleaning anymore, although with homeowners who use their own machines it’s still a problem.

Myth 3: “Vacuuming is enough; I don’t need professional carpet cleaning.” Debunked: While regular vacuuming is essential for removing loose dirt and debris, it doesn’t eliminate all the deep-seated dirt, allergens, or stains. Professional cleaning penetrates deeper into the carpet fibers, extracting trapped pollutants and allergens that vacuuming alone cannot reach. It helps improve indoor air quality and extends the life of your carpets. Vacuuming is important but it just removes the loose soil and debris whereas carpet cleaning removes the bonded oily soils from the carpet fibers.

Myth 4: “Carpet cleaning will shrink my carpets.” Debunked: Professional carpet cleaners are trained to use proper techniques and equipment to prevent carpet shrinkage. Shrinkage can occur when carpets are exposed to excessive moisture or when inexperienced cleaners use incorrect methods. Reputable professionals will assess your carpet type, use appropriate cleaning methods, and ensure proper drying to eliminate the risk of shrinkage. This can still be an issue with hot water extraction cleaning or DIY machines.

Myth 5: “DIY cleaning methods are as effective as professional cleaning.” Debunked: While DIY carpet cleaning methods can provide some superficial cleaning, they often lack the power and efficiency of professional equipment. DIY machines may not extract as much water or dirt, leaving carpets damp and prone to mold growth. Professional cleaners have specialized tools, commercial-grade equipment, and industry knowledge to deliver a deeper and more thorough clean.

Myth 6: “Carpet cleaning is harmful to the environment and my health.” Debunked: Reputable carpet cleaning companies prioritize environmentally friendly practices. Many use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are safe for both humans and pets. Additionally, professional cleaning helps remove allergens and pollutants from carpets, contributing to a healthier indoor environment. Steam cleaning or hot water extraction carpet cleaning is actually not “green” or environmentally friendly.

Ironically some companies like to promote their “Eco-Friendly” carpet cleaning, yet they roll up in a big rig that gets 10 miles per gallon. Then they run a big gas powered machine adding more greenhouse gases to the air, then proceed to clean the carpets with 30-100 gallons of fresh water that are wastefully dumped down the drain, along with harmful cleaning chemicals often containing phosphates, antibacterials and solvents, which all end up in Puget Sound.

With salmon runs getting worse year by year and the impact on the Orcas who feed on them, this isn’t helping matters. Hundreds of carpets around the Puget Sound basin are cleaned this way every day, needlessly adding thousands of gallons of polluted water into Puget Sound. Waste treatment facilities break down the bacteria, but the cleaning chemicals go right through. Steam cleaning simply isn’t “Green” or “Eco-friendly.”

We take caring for the environment inside your home as seriously as outside your home. Our hybrid vehicles get 50 MPG and our cleaning machines run on electricity, and we can clean the carpets in an entire home with 2 gallons of water and no polluted waste water goes down the drain into Puget Sound.

It’s important to consult professional carpet cleaners who are certified, experienced, and knowledgeable in their field. They can assess your specific carpet type, address your concerns, and provide appropriate cleaning recommendations. By debunking these myths, we can make informed decisions and ensure the proper care and maintenance of our carpets.