Floors are one of the largest areas in a commercial building, and customers along with the employees are sure to notice when carpet becomes soiled or stained. Unfortunately, commercial carpeting is susceptible to accumulating large amounts of dirt in a short time simply because of the high amount of traffic. While keeping commercial carpets clean can seem like a never-ending chore, the effort is worth it since clean flooring helps to keep allergies and illnesses down while maintaining a business’s positive reputation in the community. Use these tips to maintain commercial carpets to extend their life and appearance.

1. Keep Outdoor Areas Clean. The cleanliness of the exterior of the building makes a big difference in how much dirt gets tracked indoors. Have street sweepers clean parking lots frequently, and have the maintenance crew keep sidewalks and entrances pressure washed or hosed off and free of debris. To avoid mud, direct water runoff away from the building.

pressure washing

2. Provide Walk-Off Mats. Walk-off systems can be as simple as a special mat placed at the entrance to a building where visitors can wipe dirt off their shoes, or they can involve a series of different types of flooring that reduce the amount of dirt that makes it to the main carpet.Either way, walk-off mats are critical to reduce the amount of wear and tear that occurs to the more delicate carpets in the building. However, keep in mind that walk-off mats also require the same regular vacuuming and deep-cleaning routines that you plan for the rest of the carpeting.

walk off mats

3. Vacuum Regularly. The frequency of the vacuuming that occurs in your building depends upon the traffic flow as well as the activities that take place inside. For instance, you may need the cleaning team to vacuum every day in a child care center or restaurant, while a small office may only need a weekly vacuum.

vacuum carpet

4. Use Desk and Chair Mats. You can buy plastic mats to place underneath chairs and desk areas. While these are designed to help prevent tracks and heavy furniture marks from marring the fibers, they also serve as a barrier for stains. Arrange to place these in areas where you know staff frequently eats or drinks at the desk.

floor mat

5. Prevent Common Stains. Some areas in a commercial building are prone to excess dirt and liquid spills. If possible, arrange to place waterproof mats on carpet that is near wet areas, such as sinks in the break room or by the coffee maker. This way, most spills will fall on a surface that is easy to wipe up.

floor mat

6. Encourage Proper Spot Cleaning. Each member of the cleaning crew should be trained on how to properly care for the carpet. For instance, they should understand how to immediately address stains to prevent them from setting in while also taking care to avoid damaging the carpet. For most common stains, such as a coffee or soda spill, use the blotting method. With a clean, dry cloth, try to blot up as much of the spill as possible. Then, use an appropriate cleaning solution to remove the rest of the stain. Always use a solution that is recommended for that specific carpet type.

stained carpet

7. Arrange for Regular Deep Cleanings. With heavy traffic, a commercial building’s carpet can get heavily soiled within a short period of time. Regular professional deep cleanings remove the dirt that gets ground into the carpet fibers that is not always possible to remove with a regular vacuum.

(This was a restaurant carpet we were cleaning)

With these 7 tips you can keep your commercial carpets looking great and lasting longer!