Over the last 37 years I’ve seen some of the worst carpets you can imagine. Getting those carpets clean is much more involved than a standard annual maintenance carpet cleaning, requiring what’s known as restoration carpet cleaning. The image above is a good example.  The dental office carpets were black in the traffic lanes, but with our restorative cleaning they turned out quite nicely.

Restoration carpet cleaning, also known as deep or restorative cleaning, is a specialized carpet cleaning process designed to address severe soiling, heavy stains, and deep-seated dirt. It involves a more intensive approach compared to regular or maintenance cleaning. Restoration cleaning is typically performed on carpets that have been neglected, heavily soiled, or exposed to significant spills, stains, or water damage. Here’s a detailed explanation of the process, its need, and how it differs from basic carpet cleaning:

  1. Process of Restoration Carpet Cleaning:
    • Pre-inspection: A professional carpet cleaner will assess the condition of the carpet, identify problem areas, and determine the appropriate restoration cleaning method.
    • Pre-vacuuming: Dry soil and debris are thoroughly removed using a powerful vacuum cleaner equipped with special attachments to ensure maximum soil removal.
    • Pre-treatment: The carpet is treated with specialized cleaning solutions or pre-sprays that help break down dirt, stains, and oily residues, allowing for more effective removal. In restoration cleaning a more powerful than normal pre-spray is used depending on the conditions.  It’s a higher ph and usually mixed stronger and can contain enzymes, peroxide, citrus based solvents.
    • Agitation: The pre-treatment is agitated into the carpet fibers using mechanical agitation tools or carpet brushes. This process helps dislodge deep-seated dirt and stains. Often heavier duty equipment is used like rotary machines or counter rotating brush machines.
    • Spot Treatment: Stubborn stains that remain after the initial cleaning may receive additional spot treatment using specialized stain removers or techniques to achieve the best possible results.
    • Drying: Proper drying techniques, sometimes air movers or dehumidifiers, are employed to ensure quick and thorough drying of the carpet. This step helps prevent mold growth and further damage.
  2. Need for Restoration Carpet Cleaning:
    • Neglected Carpets: Carpets that haven’t received regular maintenance cleaning may accumulate excessive dirt, grime, and stains that require a more intensive restoration cleaning process.
    • Heavy Soiling: High-traffic areas, commercial spaces, or carpets subjected to heavy use can become deeply soiled and require restoration cleaning to revive their appearance and remove ingrained dirt.
    • Stubborn Stains: Restoration cleaning focuses on treating and removing tough stains that are not easily removed through regular cleaning methods.
    • Water Damage: Carpets affected by water damage from floods, leaks, or plumbing incidents may need restoration cleaning to remove excess moisture, treat mold or mildew growth, and restore the carpet’s condition.
  3. Pricing Differences from Basic Carpet Cleaning: Restoration carpet cleaning typically involves more time, effort, and specialized techniques compared to basic cleaning. The pricing for restoration cleaning may differ based on several factors:
    • Severity of Soiling: Heavily soiled carpets require more time and resources for thorough cleaning, which can increase the cost.
    • Stain Treatment: Additional spot treatment for stubborn stains may incur extra charges.
    • Equipment and Expertise: Restoration cleaning often requires specialized equipment and expertise, which can contribute to higher pricing compared to basic cleaning.
    • Additional Services: Restoration cleaning may include additional services like odor treatment, carpet repair, or stain protection, which can affect the overall cost.

It’s important to consult with professional carpet cleaning companies to assess your specific carpet condition and receive accurate pricing estimates for restoration cleaning. They can evaluate your carpets, discuss the extent of cleaning required, and provide a detailed quote based on the specific factors involved.

Restoration carpet cleaning helps bring heavily soiled or damaged carpets back to a cleaner and healthier state. By using advanced techniques and equipment, restoration cleaning ensures a more thorough cleaning process, addressing deep-seated dirt, stains, and other issues that basic cleaning methods